Full Moon Party Tips

If you plan to attend the Full Moon Party, please consider responsible and respectful travel ethics:

1.  If buying items from 7-11, refuse a plastic bag at purchase.

2.  If ordering a “bucket”, ask for one straw only and share with your friends.  Vendors often put 5-10 straws in each bucket and most end up on the sand or in the ocean.

3.  Bring a small container such as an old mint tin to put your cigarette butts in and dispose of them properly.

4.  Even if the trash bins on the beach are full and overflowing, place your trash near or around the bin as it will not wash into the ocean and will be easier to clean in the morning.

5. When you buy your ticket to the party, ask the organizers to purchase more trash bins.



1. Stay hydrated and know your limits.

2. If going to the party in a group, have an assigned buddy and make sure to keep track of each other throughout the night. Don’t leave the party unless you know where your buddy is and they are safe.

3.  If you are a female, do not leave the party by yourself, ask a friend to escort you to your bungalow or hotel.

4. Don’t accept drinks from strangers.  Drinks have been known to be spiked with dangerous tranquilizers or other drugs so only drink what your own.

5. Be careful in the ocean, and if you have been drinking save swimming for another day.  Accidents do happen and when alcohol and drugs are involved drownings have happened.

6. Stay away from drugs…Thai police often use decoys and undercover cops to arrest tourists.  Is it worth a visit to a Thai jail?  You may consider waiting until you get back home to indulge.   Overdoses on ecstasy happen and especially in Thailand where purity is questionable.

7. Don’t go alone…just don’t. You will have more fun with a friend and friends are easy to make Thailand.  Accidents are more likely to happen when you are alone and if something happens to you, no one will know.

8. Wear close toed shoes or at least sandals.  Broken glass litters the beach and people cut their feet all the time.

9. Don’t jump rope with fire unless you want to get burned.   Having a burn on your body will not make your South East Asian trip more enjoyable.  Leave the fire to the locals who do it all the time.

10.  Leave your valuables locked at your bungalow or hotel safe. Thefts are a common occurrence and things can fall out of your pockets easily when you are drinking and dancing.



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